That annual family holiday, without sacrificing comfort.

The Eenhoornhof is arranged in such a way that the house is spacious enough for the whole family. There are many rooms such as the lounge, the large dining room and the spacious covered southern terrace that invite you to socialize.

However, privacy should not be compromised. Thus 8 of the 9 bedrooms have individual bathrooms. Still need that extra room? Then ask for the VIP room with its luxurious bathroom.

Feel free to retreat to one of the sitting areas or other relaxation areas.

In addition to enjoying the peace and quiet and rural scenes, you can spoil yourself with a wide range of local culinary offerings from the Eenhoornhof.

Restaurants, bistros, breweries, tapas bars - they are all here.

Nearby in the street, at No. 10, there is "tavern de Klee" with its impressive beer collection

At "Villa Copis" you can enjoy a luxury breakfast, also delivered to your home.

Of course, home cooking, for some a new experience, fry your meat from the butcher's shop on our Ofyr, the hype in the bbq-world original and wood-fired.

Don't hesitate to ask for our possibilities if you want full hotel service, breakfast, dinner and supper. Even a waiter or a cook at home, it's all possible.

Or perhaps it is an idea to plan a visit to one of the nine wine estates in Borgloon, some within walking distance of the Unicorn Court, as a group activity.

Surprise yourself with a guided walk or bicycle tour with our house guide Christine Princen of Hartig Haspengouw.

What do you think, would this be what people mean by staycation, because what more can Tuscany and Provence offer than the beautiful Hesbaye where the sun shines more and more. Whether it is champagne, cava or a Haspengouw pearl, why compare when you can just enjoy it?

Make it good in Limburg, you are in good hands there.

Luxurious bedrooms

Accommodation for up to 24 people with all comforts.

Enjoy to the fullest

Discover the cosiness of holiday home Het Eenhoornhof.

Peace and quiet in nature

Get acquainted with the picturesque landscape of Kuttekoven.